Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Here are a few things anyone can understand:
Horizontal movement along Earth's surface is directly affected by the energy expended. It's one example of the principle of Conservation of Energy Attach a small crossbow to the roof of your van, pointing sideways. Paint a line (your firing line)across the deck of the Royal Gorge Bridge. Get some arrows of different colors. Drive across the bridge at 20MPH and fire an arrow when you reach the firing line. Then repeat at 30MPH. Then at 40MPH.
The arrows will land on a line parallel to the direction the van was moving, and spaced out based on the forward speed of the van.
All earthly movement must be bought and paid for with earthly energy.

Different rules apply to team players in our solar system, namely the planets. Earthly motion is finite, and the energy bill for any movement can be precisely tallied. On the other hand, planetary motions do not follow any similar rule of Conservation of Energy.

It is impossible for us to build a true-to-life working model of our solar system here in earth. And it seems nearly impossible for many to appreciate the distinction between rules of motion in different worlds-- or dimensions. But it is simple, plain , elementary & obvious. Planetary motions do not represent the expenditure of energy. Created as spinning, orbiting satellites of the Sun, Earth and her sister planets know no other way of life. Inside the gravitational field of a planet, an object has an assigned place, a state of rest which serves as the benchmark for any subsequent movement. But the gravitational field itself, the planet, has no comparable assigned place or state of (Earthlike) rest.

The 'state of rest' of Earth is a state of daily rotation. The assigned place of Earth is her assigned place along the assigned path of her annual orbit of the Sun, and at her assigned velocity. At any given moment in time, past, present and future, Earth's role calls for her to be proceeding in a precise direction along a precise orbital path at a precise forward velocity-- while rotating in a precise direction and at a precise velocity. That's Earth's norm. It's as basic to Earth's makeup as DNA is to a human.

Wave, thunder, wind and explosion are words which inherently involve motion. 'Earth' similarly includes an inherent property of motion. The distinction is that EARTH'S MOTIONS DON'T REPRESENT EXPENDITURE OF ENERGY.
Our solar system is a huge symphony, with all the parts scripted, timed & harmonized. To play its particular part does not represent an acceleration for any respective planet. The only ACCELERATION for a planet would be if it broke stride, played off key, lost rhythm (ceased rotating and orbiting on schedule).

Therefore all Earthly cars, boats, airplanes and racehorses share a common nature:
the baseline for any and all movement by them is the assigned planetary motion of mother Earth (rotating 360 degrees per day, orbiting the Sun once a year).

Why not the Truth? Why indeed?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


If the Coriolis Effect was part of your scientific education, you might as well save your time. Hold it. Stop. Don't go any further. You will never see any anomalies in the Coriolis beliefs (paradigm) which have been part of "normal science" since 1835. You won't see them-- because your mind will be incapable of any critical analysis.

Most of you are probably familiar with the work of Thomas Kuhn (The Structure of Scientific Revolutions).

"...a law that cannot even be demonstrated to one group of scientists may occasionally seem intuitively obvious to another." (p150)
"That professionalism leads, on the one hand to an immense restriction of the scientist's vision and to a considerable resistance to paradigm change." (p 64)

I'll bet you never thought he was talking about you. Well here's a news flash: HE WAS.
He was-- if you have the Coriolis Paradigm burned into the hard drive of your brain. Once a paradigm takes root, it is part of YOU, part of your own sense of self-worth, your persona. It is a trusted tool you have relied on all your life. It is a permanent condition.

It took an "outsider" like myself to look at Coriolis and Foucault with an unbiased critical eye. Which reveals them both as incompetents. For ten years I have been trying to get ANYONE to take a fresh look at Coriolis' world. The results have been ENTIRELY as predicted by Dr. Kuhn.

"... the standard that distinguishes a real scientific solution from a mere metaphysical speculation, word game, or mathematical play. The normal-scientific tradition that emerges from a scientific revolution is not only incompatible but often actually incommensurable with that which has gone before." (p 103)

"The source of resistance is the assurance that the older paradigm will ultimately solve all its problems, that nature can be shoved into the box the paradigm provides." (p 151)

"...Max Planck, surveying his own career in his Scientific Autobiography, sadly remarked that a new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it." (p 151)

After ten years of struggling in vain, I am about ready to concede the truth of these words. Go to anyone you choose and attempt to open a critical discussion about Coriolis' extrapolations from the fact that Earth rotates. I can guarantee that 99.9999999999999% of the people will fall into one of two categories: 1) scientists who have believed Coriolis to be "normal science" for all their lives-- (and thus are pathologically unable to rethink it) , or 2) those who don't know Coriolis but who steadfastly believe that such complicated issues ought to be left to scientists who are already schooled in that speciality. (If you have a toothache you don't go off to dental school--you make an appointment with a dentist, for crying out loud.)

So in all probability I will not see any paradigm shift on Coriolis in my lifetime--or even any recognition of the obvious anomalies. All I can realistically hope is that I can leave a trail that some future generation of scientific thinkers might pick up.
Perhaps the Coriolis paradigm will be overhauled by my grandson's generation. Or perhaps it will be HIS grandson's. But it WILL happen. It is just a question of time.

Like the man said, "The truth will out".

This is a "message in a bottle", which I am tossing out into the current: WHY NOT RETHINK CORIOLIS??

Why Indeed

Sunday, August 27, 2006


All you need is:
1)a pendulum
2)a brain
3)some curiosity.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Come and Let Us Reason Together

This is Dewey.

He enforces our House Rules,
including this one borrowed from
Walt Whitman:

"Re-examine all you have been told at school or church or in any book, dismiss whatever insults your own soul".

If this simple rule of intellectual integrity had been applied, Coriolis would have never gotten his silly hypothesis off the ground.

From the beginning of science, the thinking on Earth's continually changing relationship to other heavenly bodies, particularly our Sun, had always gone like this:

1) Either the sun circles around earth or vice versa, & since
2) ALL forensic (terrestrial) evidence says that Earth is stationary:
3) Ergo: the logical conclusion is that the Sun moves around a stationary Earth.

But eventually Copernicus and Galileo came along and discovered hard astronomical evidence that this conclusion was false. Earth is actually a multi-tasking (orbiting / rotating) player in a heliocentric system. After these discoveries, the next logical question ought to have been:

Why, then, does Earth not reveal forensic evidence of her rotating / orbitting behavior? *

But people who should have known better ignored this question. There was (and still is) a world-wide breakdown in post-Galileo thinking. Mass hysteria. Mob mentality. Sheep mentality. They "reasoned" that since the earlier conclusion was false, then their basis (no forensic evidence of Earth as moving platform) was also false. The new rationale went like this:

1) Since earth moves around a stationary sun,
2) There MUST be forensic/ terrestrial/ local evidence accordingly.

That forensic evidence became a Holy Grail for scientists everywhere, and they threw themselves into the Quest with body, mind and soul. They were absolutely convinced of the existence of their evidence / Holy Grail. They BELIEVED it into reality. Which was a cardinal sin of science. Which has infested the body of knowledge we call Physics down to this day.
Which could all have been prevented had cooler heads entered the fray. Where were they? Where have they been for 150 years?? AWOL, that's where. There has been just as much confusion AFTER Galileo as before. At least there was some passable LOGIC behind the pre-Copernicus theory. But the same can't be said for the Post-Galileo period. After Galileo this whole school bus of thought went off the road.

Still to this day, no one has found any terrestrial evidence of Earth's gallavanting ways. With all of the modern tools, there has still never been one scientific finding contrary to the appearance that Earth is a stationary platform.

The TRUTH about the Sun / Earth relationship lies between the old theory and the later one.
Despite the fact that
1) Earth is a rotating /orbiting body,
2) There is no forensic /terrestrial (non-astronomical) evidence of same.

Everybody BELIEVES that the Coriolis Effect is a long-since proven truth. But it isn't. It's more doctrine than science. More superstition that fact. A sick hypothesis resting on a sick premise (that space movement is like terrestrial movement).

* As discussed elsewhere on this site:
There are different Laws for Terrestrial motion and Space motion.
All terrestrial motion involves: force, matter & momentum.
Heavenly motion does not.
Just as a NASA space shuttle travels millions of miles after cutting its rockets (it's called the orbital insertion moment) , Earth and other planets move through space without the application of any Force.

No Force, No Momentum.
No momentum, no forensic evidence of motion.

Understand these facts.

Then go back and RE-READ the Coriolis "proofs".

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just what is a pendulum, anyway?

Wolfgang the cat is smarter than Foucault (and Coriolis too). He understands that he is at rest.

He is well aware of the historical context of the Coriolis theory and Foucault's Pendulum. The intelligentsia of the 19th century were smugly certain that there MUST be Earthly evidence to go along with the astronomical evidence of Earth's rotation. Coriolis came up with a space-speed based theory, involving non-verifiable suppostions. Then along came Foucault, who knew a few things about gyroscopes, and thought he was a genius. He discovered that spherical pendulums cannot be made to vibrate in a plane, and twisted that information into his ticket into the statuary hall of sciencedom.

Wolfgang is not deceived about pendulums. They are not magical scientific instruments. They are nothing more than agitated plumb bobs.

He knows that in terms of measuring Earth's rotation, a Foucault's Pendulum is no better than a radio antenna. If you take a long CB car antenna and rig it with a ball- bearing swivel base mount, and put some weight on the tip, you'll have yourself an upside-down Foucault's Pendulum. They're essentially the same machine. Pull it back and let it fly. When the energy is used up the antenna (or bob) will return to its starting position. And it is impossible to make either one "vibrate in a plane". That failure is strictly due to the vagaries of the mechanics involved. It has absolutely nothing to do with Earth's rotation.

Because Earth is a gravitational field. If you are part of that gravitational field you simply go where that field goes. Movements of your mother field are part of your "own" very nature--and therefore do not in any sense represent an acceleration to you.

Wolfgang understands this. When he is at rest, he is at rest. Pressed for a comment about Coriolis and Foucault, he considered long and hard, and then stated, "Pfffffft aaaaaccccckkkkk aaaauuuuugggggghhh!"

Friday, December 30, 2005

Friday, December 09, 2005


Meet Wolfgang the Cat. He is at rest. How is it that Wolfgang understands that he lives in an inertial world, while supposedly intelligent Physicists cannot grasp that simple concept? This question is tied closely to the BIG ISSUE--the title of this location: The Real Coriolis Mystery.

The REAL MYSTERY is how the nonsense known as the Coriolis Effect has taken root and survived for so long --within a group so proud of their intelligence, their skepticism, their probing, searching, their analytical prowess? It is "The Emperor's New Clothes" in spades.

NEWS FLASH!! Earth is an inertial environment. Newton's First Law is alive and well here, with one minor exception. When we say that objects in horizontal motion along earth's surface tend to remain in motion, and along a straight line, we don't mean that literally. The nature of horizontal earth-surface motion is to follow a geodesic line. But the natural line is straight in the normal, plane geometry sense of the word.

The Coriolis Effect, of course, is founded on the hypothesis that Earth, to a limited extent, is a
non-inertial world. Which is a corruption of an astronomical fact--that different Earth latitudes
move through space at different linear velocities (because Earth is a moving sphere).

NEWS FLASH!! A latitude's "space speed" has NOTHING to do with the Earth-physics of motion. I just invented that term. I recommend that all physicists be required to study that term: EARTH-PHYSICS. Maybe that would help physicists remember that the rules for space travel and Earth travel are different.

Earth's planetary motions (annual solar orbit and daily rotation) are space motions. Those motions do not represent the expression of energy. Space is a non-inertial environment.

An inertial environment is one where motion must be bought with energy. Earth's gravitational field constitutes an inertial environment. Space doesn't.

The different space speeds of different Earth latitudes are relevant only in the environment of space (space-physics).

The different space speeds of different Earth latitudes are irrelevant to the inertial environment of Earth (Earth-physics).

The Earth-physics value of any and all Earthly space speeds is zero--nil--nada.

The engine which runs the Coriolis Effect is a corruption, a perversion, a hoax--the hypothetical Earth-physics "application" of a Space-physics phenomenon.

Wolfgang the Cat gets it. Why can't a physicist?